Here are the answers to the questions most often asked.

What are the membership options available, and what are the associated costs and fees?

Plum Hollow has different membership options. For more information on what membership level works for you, please contact membership@plumhollowcc.com

What are the benefits of membership, such as access to golf courses, social events, dining, and other amenities?

Each classification of membership has its perks and benefits. To understand what those benefits are based on your potential membership classification, please contact membership@plumhollowcc.com

What is the culture and community of the club like? Are there opportunities to meet and socialize with other members?

Our mission at Plum Hollow Country Club is to provide an exceptional golf and social experience in a welcoming and inclusive environment. With multiple events (both golf and non-golf) throughout the year, your opportunities to build lasting memories are endless.

What is the condition and quality of the golf courses and other facilities, and what ongoing maintenance and improvements are planned?

Plum Hollow Country Club invests across all facets of our club; from the newly renovated golf course, Pub Room, locker rooms, and more. The Board of Directors and General Manager are consistently working on plans that enhance our member experience.

What level of service and personal attention can members expect from the club staff?

Member Experience is a main priority at Plum Hollow. Members can expect a high level of service across our club. From the moment you drive in to the moment you leave, our team is there to help with your needs.

What are the rules and regulations of the club, and how are they enforced?

Plum Hollow Country Club abides by the rules and regulations derived from our Member Code of Conduct and our by-laws. We enforce these rules and regulations to be able to give you the member experience you seek.

Are there any restrictions on tee times, course availability, or guest policies?

Depending on the day, hour, and golf events, policies and rules may be established or maintained throughout the year. If you have any questions, please contact membership@plumhollowcc.com

How does the club handle special events and tournaments, and what opportunities are there for members to participate?

Special events are planned and coordinated by our Events Coordinator. Tournaments are handled by our Pro-shop and Golf Committee. Each tournament or golf special event has its own set of guidelines.

What is the process for becoming a member, and how long does it typically take?

Becoming a Plum Hollow family member is wonderful. From the moment you set up your club/course walk-through, to filling out your application and having your Board of Directors interview, you’re that close to teeing it off, letting your toes dip into the pool, or having the ability to swing a racket. For more information, please contact membership@plumhollowcc.com

Are there any additional benefits or perks of membership, such as reciprocal privileges with other clubs or access to exclusive events and activities?

Benefits of being a Plum Hollow CC member are a way to enhance your member experience at the club. For more information on our reciprocal privileges and clubs to enjoy, please contact membership@plumhollowcc.com


For more information or questions about experiencing The Plum Life, please email membership@plumhollowcc.com or fill out the form.

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